Sunday, January 9, 2011

Installing Custom Recovery on LG Optimus One P500

If you're facing any problems with Custom Recovery, please post them here : Problems realted to Custom Recovery

To install a Custom Recovery on your phone, you first need to have your phone rooted and the Android SDK installed on your system. For detailed instructions on rooting your phone and installing the Android SDK, read these articles by me first:

Now, once you're up and running with a rooted phone and installed the Android SDK, you'll need to download the recovery files. Here are the recovery files:

Download 1: Thunderg Recovery
Download 2: flash_image

both the files are uploaded on (as per your suggestions)

Now to use this Custom Recovery, copy these two files and paste in the root of your SD card (root means the directory L:\ where L is the letter for your Phone's USB Storage, in short, don't create a folder and just paste it on your SD card)

I'm assuming that you have installed the Android SDK by now as the next step requires it to be installed. Go above and install the Android SDK before continuing.

If you have installed the Android SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Goto Start Menu > Run and type cmd
  2. In the cmd window, type adb. If you've installed it correctly, you'll see a lot of text on the screen. If you get an error message then you have probably not installed the Android SDK properly.
  3. Type adb shell and hit enter
  4. Type su and hit enter
  5. See your phone at this time and touch the "Allow" option which SuperUser shows you
  6. Now the terminal window will have a # sign appended to it. See this screenshot for a better understanding

 Now one by one, copy the following lines, in the serial order and paste it into the terminal window (right click on window and paste, CTRL + V won't work)
  1. mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system
  2. cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image
  3. chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
  4. mv /system/etc/ /system/etc/ (if it gives error message here, simply proceed to the next step)
  5. mount -o remount,ro -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system
  6. flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-GNM-thunderg-1.1.0.img
  7. reboot recovery
  8. The phone will reboot now. 
  9. To access the Custom Recovery, turn off the phone and then press Home+Vol Down+Power button to boot into the Custom Recovery
 NOTE: If you get this error after step 4
mv /system/etc/ /system/etc/
failed on '/system/etc/' - No such file or directory
 Simply move on to the next step.

 NOTE: If on booting into the recovery you get the following message at the bottom of the screen -
E: "Bad Boot Message"
Don't panic, its perfectly normal and you can proceed with what you want to do from the recovery.

Once you've booted into the recovery, the touch won't work. The actions assigned to the different buttons are given here:

  • Up & down : vol-up and vol-down key
  • Select : Menu key (left most)
  • Back : Back (3rd from left)
The feautres available in the recovery are :

USB-MS Toggle :mounts sdcard as mass storage

Nand Backup : runs a nandroid backup of data, cache, boot, system
Nand Backup + .android secure : backs up above plus .android_secure on sdcard (froyo native apps on sd)
Nand + ext backup : data, cache, system, boot, plus apps2sd on ext partition (old style apps2sd)
Nand Restore : browse to and select nandroid backup to restore

Flash Zip From Sdcard: (the file to be flashed must be in root of SD card)

Wipe Menu:
Wipe data/factory reset: wipes data & cache
Wipe cache
Wipe Dalvik cache : Wipes Dalvik cache in all possible locations if moved by apps2sd
Wipe SD:ext : Wipes Apps2sd ext partition
Wipe Battery Stats
Wipe rotate settings
Wipe .android secure : Wipes froyo native .android_secure on sdcard

Partition Sdcard:
Partition SD: Partition's sdcard for apps2sd (this formats card so all non backed-up data is lost)
Repair Sd:ext
SD:ext2 to ext3 : coverts apps2sd ext2 partition to ext3 (requires kernel support for ext3)
SD:ext3 to ext4 : same as above but ext3 to ext4 (requires kernel support for ext4)

Using the following features, you can make a backup of your current ROM, restore backups, create partitions on your SD card, wipe your phone and the SD card and then also go on to try Custom ROMs using the Flash from Zip option.

That's the end of this article! Hope you liked it and were able to install the Custom Recovery successfully.

Happy Recovery!


  1. if i want to just backup the way the phone was when i bought it, i just need to do a 'Nand Backup + .android secure' rite? and wer does it get backed up?

  2. Yeah you need to do just that. The backup is stored on the SD card in the folder called 'nandroid'. Make sure to save it on your PC before flashing Custom ROMs as the Custom ROMs require partitions on SD card and that will need a format.

  3. oh GOD ! thanks for a quick reply , I have connected to ADB shell as per your guidance !!
    Download 1: Thunderg Recovery
    Download 2: flash_image

    I have copied the above files to the root of the sd card. should I unzip and copy them or copy them as it is?

    I was trying to wipe the SD:exit partition before starting, but gives an error saying Run 'wipe ext' via adb! any suggestions?

  4. Don't extract them. It'll make them corrupt. Just download them as they are and paste them on the root of your sd card (don't create any folder for them)

  5. so do you suggest to backup using this or titanium? also why?


  6. "Now to use this Custom Recovery, copy these two files and paste in the root of your SD card"

    this sud be done when USB debugging and USB storage is both switched on rite?

  7. adb shell
    *daemon not running. starting it now on port
    *daemon started successfully
    Permission denied

    wat do i do now?

  8. @Godlike! Its not booting into custom recovery,
    When i do the combo for recovery mode it just resets the phone!

  9. ok it worked.. i got custom recovery .. thanks

    @Admin, u have to press the combo till the LG logo goes away

  10. @Ajo
    I did that!
    But still no progress!

  11. @Godlike

    cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image
    chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-GNM-thunderg-1.1.0.img

    this will happen only if you extract the files from the zip, so yes you need to extract it else it will say that those files are not found cos you are mentioning the image file in the commands while the zip files are there in the SD card

  12. @Admin
    you sure there was no errors when you typed in those commands? try those steps again and see,.

  13. @godlike. When you 'restore' what gets restored? Will the new ROM gets overwritten? -siva

  14. My phone just did a factory reset.

    Mistimed the combo i guess or entered reboot recovery wrong. either of those two.When it does go to custom recovery the options become limited coz there aint nothing to restore anymore.

    maybe this is too complicated

    please help.

  15. my phone reboot... but only display
    fastboot mode started

    its stuck... help me.... pls... begging u all..

  16. my phone reboot... but only display
    fastboot mode started
    ---suspend --
    fastboot: processing command

    pls help me... i cnt use my phone,.. =(

  17. the files must be extracted,otherwise the process does not work(atleast for me).

  18. after flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-GNM-thunderg-1.1.0.img
    i get message "flash image: permission denied"

    what's wrong?

  19. nothing happens after i copy paste step 6

    # flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-GNM-thunderg-1.1.0.img

    what could be the problem ?

  20. my phone reboot... but only display
    fastboot mode started
    ---suspend --
    fastboot: processing command

  21. hi i have a problem.. i cant seem to access the recovery mode. when i turn off the phone and try to boot into recovery mode(home, volume down and power)it just boots up and wipes out all my apps.. please tell me what is the problem.. thanks

  22. @praveen
    same here man
    it only displays
    fastboot mode started

    and nothing happens

    is my phone bricked

  23. Alright this one's driving me nuts now. I Followed all the steps and had no problems for the first bit - I assumed I had to press Enter after each of those commands although it wasn't specified.
    It gave me the "No such file or directory" error at step two. So i skipped it, then the same error at step four. Skipped that.
    after reboot, I shut it down and Home+VolDown+Power simply factory reset the phone.

    I tried it a second time with what Ajo said, files extracted: This time it did step two fine, but borked at step six.
    Reboot and shut down. Combination to boot into recovery still just factory resets the handset.


  24. All those who are having problems with the recovery should revert to the original firmware using the guide on this blog and then install Custom Recovery.

    You have to extract the file flash.img and then paste it on the root of your card. I'm making a separate post for addressing all of your problems. Please comment there as well.


  25. Feel kinda stupid for not trying this, and also pissed coz there were comments from people saying specifically NOT to do this:
    Aswell as unzipping the "flash_image" file, unzip the thunderg file and add ".img" extension. Place in the root directory of the SDcard and continue steps from there.
    Any Kiwis, note that our phones are in fact Aus handsets and I believe they ship with the AAUSBK-V10a FW as stock. Hope this saves someone else the same migraine.
    Godlike!, again, thanks so much for all the effort you've put into this.

  26. After i type adb shell
    M getting an error of no device found

  27. can't go to recovery mode.
    the bar under the android logo and box is running and then stuck.
    then the phone reboot and go into normal phone mode.

    need help

  28. @Ranjit Kumaran L.S

    I had the same problm some minutes ago and I have fix it with fastboot.exe and boot.img from cyanogenmod7

  29. do you have any idea about installing clockwork mod recovery ?

  30. hey im stuck in here
    cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image when i press enter
    it comes cannot create system/bin/flash_image: read only file system
    plz help

  31. hey,

    i followed all of your steps to install custom recovery but when i try to reboot in custom recovery it just performs a hard reset and boots android. any idea why ?

  32. tried custom recovery fone got stuck fastboot mode udc()is there anyone who is gona help me atleast past a link where i gona get help ASAP

  33. same here. When i wrote
    cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image and press enter it said:
    cannot create system/bin/flash_image: read only file system
    i have both file system in the root of sdcard and my phone is root, for sure.
    Any help? Thanks

  34. There's a mistake in this tutorial,
    # reboot recovery
    # The phone will reboot now.
    # To access the Custom Recovery, turn off the phone and then press Home+Vol Down+Power button to boot into the Custom Recovery

    After you type in command line REBOOT RECOVERY , means your phone will get after reboot into recovery by itself , DONT HOLD home+vol+power! Because that cause hard reset !

    I did hard reset because of that mistake few times, nothing happend, followed steps once again and its working !!!

    To Delgadovsky:
    I had the same error, just follow instructions and continue ;)

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  36. system recovery is as good as clockworkmod recovery??

  37. hey i m stuck on the 2nd step cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_imageit shows no such file in directory pls help!!!!!

  38. hey dudes, cant get through from "adb shell" in cmd. it gives me error. What now?

  39. Is my phone supposed to be shut?